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Maybe but Threshold show that humanity is evolving to some kind of lizard that lives in swamps and then there is the HILARIOUS Occampa mating cycle were they can only do it ONCE and only bear ONE child (Caretaker, they were screwed before you guys shown up).

And then there is the Andorian "four genders" that makes the Occampa look sane, they have 4 genders and ... let put this, two males fertilize the egg that one female lays and ANOTHER female carries to ... term? I suppose they actually LAY eggs because otherwise the whole thing is dumber that it looks bit Andorian "females" have BREASTS meaning they are mammals on SOME sense.

Somehow what you just posted sounds logical compared with some of the BS Trek writers had put out, heck at least you have the Mule, Liger and other hybrids that show that yes, it can work ...
Well I am sure the Ocampa would be in a constant state of distress only being able to mate once when they only live 9 years. Poor frail little elf like Cas must feel relieved.

The real point that makes it impossible, assuming evolution is true, is that each race would have been composed of different biochemical substances in accord with the chemical makeup of the world the evolved on. (one of the problems with Spock being half Vulcan half Human is, as he said, the salts from the Vulcan ocean were different than that of Earth making him resistant to the salt eating creature which would make being half Vulcan half anything else impossible)

The Best story line I can think of is a few Romulan worlds sympathetic to the Remans banding together founding an alliance. Vulcans just need more development.
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