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Originally Posted by daisyberkowitz1 View Post
Because usually the runner is braindead and aggro's every mob they come across. I was in a Colony Invasion earlier and they'd dragged the boss mob back to the 6th mobs spawn point and aggro'd the monkey for added giggles. That was the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th spawns of Hirogen plus the monkey that the other 4 were having to deal with whilst the idiot that aggro'd them hid around the corner under stealth. I thought he was trolling but from the incoherent typing in chat I think he was just on day release and high on prozac, either that or came from a very shallow gene pool.

The runners aren't a problem if they're careful not to aggro all the other mobs but that's rarely the case in my experience, and when they're not all they're doing is making the whole experience more painful for everyone else by dragging those aggro'd NPCs back to the rest of the group. Considering many of the NPCs in there are using damage types with limited available resistance (Breen and Cold, Undine and Psionic and the Hirogen with the Tetryon that seems much more effective than mine) those extra mobs make things really annoying for the rest of the group.
Well I did add the words "if they know what they are doing" to my statement. You are correct that someone who doesn't understand the job , shouldn't be a runner. At most you have to aggro 1 extra mob for the group and thats the one at the 2nd colonist.

It sounds like you ran into someone who was griefing you guys by spawning all the mobs. Still even then , if they got all the objectives, then why complain ? Yeah , it's a harder , action movie fight against tons of bad guys, BUT the objectives are complete AND your fleet mark reward is locked in.

I can see it being a pain getting caught in a giant never ending mob, but if all objectives were met ... cheerio ! pip pip ! happy day ! Full Marks !