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Well I did add the words "if they know what they are doing" to my statement. You are correct that someone who doesn't understand the job , shouldn't be a runner. At most you have to aggro 1 extra mob for the group and thats the one at the 2nd colonist.
And that's the problem, usually they don't. I can think of only one time that a runner didn't aggro everything in there path, otherwise it's just a huge mess.

Originally Posted by hippiejohn
It sounds like you ran into someone who was griefing you guys by spawning all the mobs. Still even then , if they got all the objectives, then why complain ? Yeah , it's a harder , action movie fight against tons of bad guys, BUT the objectives are complete AND your fleet mark reward is locked in.
Oh, he wasn't trolling. Someone in the group called him a ****** for aggroing everything and he said he didn't know you could get the optionals without aggroing them. He'd just seen someone else run ahead and assumed you just ran forward toward the optionals without realising that managing the aggro is just as important.

Originally Posted by hippiejohn
I can see it being a pain getting caught in a giant never ending mob, but if all objectives were met ... cheerio ! pip pip ! happy day ! Full Marks !

Personally I don't play for the marks, I play Colony Invasion because it's one of the few actually challenging ground encounters that requires some measure of competence without resorting to one shotting NPCs (at least in a PuG). The marks are useful but I'd rather get all but one of the optionals and enjoy the encounter than get them all and spend all my time clearing up someone else's mess.
It's not like the fleet marks are even hard to get so missing out on a couple of fleet marks is hardly the end of the world.
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