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Yes but you have not seen what this fleet and there alies do to most people who pass through Drozana. Multiple tickets have been thrown their way and all they do is create more f2p characters and grief people at Drozana. The hatred for this fleet is so great I don't think you can stop people from griefing them on these threads. These threads provide a way for people who are mistreated at Drozana to grief them for revenge. And guess what they continue to grief people at Drozana all they have to do is stop and they can post all the recruitment messages they want like everyone else but they won't stop. Could you please tell them to stop?
I have a female toon with a beautiful dress i paid 2500 zen for the bundle I mixed and matched it with the formal and came out with a wedding dress. She has a boyfriend who wanted to marry her at Drozana but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo guess whos there to disrupt the ceremony?

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