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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I really think that they have crunched the numbers between what KDF brings in monthly $$$ vs some number used to calculate the cost of running the system for the KDF

If that $$$ is low - so it cost them more to keep the KDF than let it go they are deliberately letting it die out - a long slow death.

They don't what to kill it outright - even if it cost more than they make from it as it could spook some Fed players and investors - etc - so the best course of action is just to let it bleed out.

Just a hunch.
A hunch that may be right after all.
Why should the KDF fanbase spend money on a game that obviuosly doesn't want them and has a developer to scared outright say so?

Pay close attention RSE fans, after that new faction smell wears off you will be right there beside us wondering where the love went as the dinner plate passes you by.....
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