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What's the BLR launcher? I was able to get in yesterday but with tomorrows updates will have to close the program and go through a day of trying to connect again so I will give this a shot! I tried all Monday and got nothing I got home Tuesday the first click brought up the launcher, I just leave it running now when I get it working.
BLR - Blacklight Retribution is another game published by Perfect World. Apparently, at some point, they encountered the same issue with Cryptic Launcher Autoupdate and the solution was to use a VPN to mask their IPs. Its somehow ironic to find the solution for STO on a forum about BLR. While the VPN workaround works with STO too, the real solution is to check to see if your IP its blacklisted. Most probably your IP is there on some damn blacklist. Ask the owner of that list to delete your IP from that list, wait 48 hours and engage. And thank fifthdread and onemorespock for their great intuitions.