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09-20-2012, 09:50 AM
That was a terrible interview. He could have just said, 'I hate the KDF...You do too, right?'

As to the idea that KDF players "move the goalposts", that's crazy. Here's exactly what I want in order to be happy with KDF.

Same number of episodes as FED has. Episodes that are KDF episodes, not FED episodes with names changed.

1 new ship for every 2 new ships FED gets. A clearly defined list of c-store ship consoles that FED will NEVER NEVER NEVER get.

1 new costume set for every 2 new costume sets FED gets.

Honestly, I don't think that should be difficult. I'm not demanding equal development time. I'm asking for 1/3 time on KDF and 2/3 on FED.

There's a perception (and rightly so) that KDF is not a full-faction. That perception will certainly influence a lot of people to not make a KDF character. Further, the fact that you MUST make a FED before you gain access to KDF might have made sense at some point, but with F2P, it's 100% pointless. All it does is cement FED as the default faction.

Now, admittedly adding a ton of episodes to balance the sides seems like a large task, but it is not. Use the Foundry. I haven't read the fine print, but I imagine it says something like...All content created with the Foundry is the sole property of Cryptic/CBS/PerfectWorld/etc. You have no legal rights to whatever you create.

And that means they can take your Foundry episode and use it for whatever purposes they choose. Give the creator 10,000 zen as a prize and "buy" their episode from them. Then rename it KDF #1 and change a few names, and we're good to go.

If they did that, they could fill out the KDF episodes with very little development effort on their part. Furthermore, it would almost certainly raise the level of quality of Foundry episodes. A lot of people would go the extra mile in hopes that their mission would get chosen.

If/when a Romulan faction arrives, there will be a massive uproar by KDF players that they're getting screwed. And I have no doubt that they will negatively influence a lot of players as to the viability of the Romulan factions. If people are worried that Romulans may be underdeveloped like KDF, you can expect them to be under-played as well.