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09-20-2012, 08:50 AM
Originally Posted by daisyberkowitz1 View Post
It's not like the fleet marks are even hard to get so missing out on a couple of fleet marks is hardly the end of the world.
Wrong, many people don't like running after marks, yet they are important if you are ahead of a 1800 or more marks grind with only a handfull of players in the fleet.

Those stupid cooldowns plus the relatively awfull reward vs effort of many missions make things very tedious.

So, for many people and espcially in PUGs, the correct recipe is to make less runs, as fast as possible, with the best possible mark reward.

Since colony invasion is a short mission with an ok mark reward and since solo running ahead insure that you will get the maximum possible quantity of marks regardless of the skill of your team the best strat is to run ahead to secure objectives and let the team deal with the rest.

It's a Human thing, people will always take the shortest and easiest way to their goal and bad luck for you the easy mark road passes in colony invasion.

And tbh, just like said above, if you can't deal with it then leave, someone will be happy to take your room and get easy marks.