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What I have observed in flying both Fed Cruisers and KDF Cruisers is that, KDF Cruisers do damage, and Fed Cruisers Tank. Thats why I specced my Vor'cha, Negh'var and Bortasqu' for damage, I fly all of the KDF Battle Cruisers (apart from the K't'inga) and I do fantastically well. When I fly my Fed, I can't do damage, but nobody can destroy me. Thats why I've always gone by the rule of:-

"Want a Tanky Cruiser? Play a Fed ship. Want a DPS Cruiser? Fly a Klingon ship."

That's a rule I love, because it gives me a reason to play both, and be brilliant at what they are intended for. Fed Cruisers are more for Tanking, Klingon Cruisers for DPS. Are they unbalanced? Not in the slightest. Why? Just because one Cruiser (take the Odyssey) is the Cruiser to end all Tanky Cruisers, doesn't mean its the best. The Bortasqu' is even debatable for being the best KDF Battle Cruiser, due to its low turn rate - as a result there is a reason to play all the KDF Battle Cruisers.

My point is, look at the way the fleets are designed. The KDF primarily rely on their Battle Cruisers and sometimes Raptors for pure up damage, with support Bird-of-Prey's, Carriers and Destroyers as support vessels. The Feds rely on Escorts for pure-up damage, because that's what they are designed to do, supported by healing Cruisers and debuffing Science ships. This is why KDF Battle Cruisers are like this, because they are the primary weapon for the KDF whereas the Fed Cruisers are not.
Your second paragraph is actually quite interesting, and a nice perspective on how the factions work. I agree, the BoPs (at least, at this point) are more of a support vessel that's primarily built for either hit-and-run sneak attacks, or for makeshift science support. That's why it's sorta hard to use a BoP like a Fed escort, they just don't have the stats to match. That's why they often 'gang up' in Ker'rat, having 2-3 attacking a target at once. It ensures a quick, efficient kill. Unfortunately, the way arena matches are set up precludes this behavior, at least in premade matches. Going in without cruiser support will get you killed really quickly.