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09-20-2012, 08:57 AM
Unlike a tac or sci in an escort, an engineer in an escort can get upclose and personal with it's target and keep damage going, long after the sci and tac has runaway to lick their wounds.

For example the tactic in an STF is to stay 8km away from a gate so don't get pulverized. The problem with this is that dual heavy cannons are more affected by range then any other weapon and at 8km they loose a lot of their damage. An engineer in an escort however can put it's nose right to the gate and not have to worry about dying.

Similarly in PvP the main source of tanking for escorts is man. That however means they have to be moving at high speed all the time when under fire, leading to them missing openings. An engineer however can sit there and soak up the fire as it relentlessly pummels a target.

As for the Op, I'd strongly suggest he'd get an escort. They haven't been the best ship for a month or even a few months, they've been the best ship sometime during the year the game came out (after the update that raised the escorts hull and shields out of the danger zone and everyone stopped calling them glass cannons). With very few exceptions, tanking in this game is so easy that an escort can casually tank damage without even needing the engineer powers. Since switching from a cruiser to an escort a year back the game feels like super easy mode (if it wasn't already). A shame really since I vastly prefer cruiser style gameplay, but at the end of the day they just don't deal enough damage. You'd think it'd be the larger slower ships that'd be armed with the heavier weapons, but nope.

Set up wise I'd say 4x dual heavy cannons and 3x turrets are best for an engineer, since he'll need to focus on sustained damage. For PvE I've found the best dual heavy cannon mods to be CrtD x2, CrtH.

For ground:-
Pulsewave for general combat
Split beams for the first part of Infected
Sniper for long distance
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