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I call this BS. In the episode "The Best of Both Worlds" the voice of Borg explicitly states: "Capt Jean-Luc Picard, you lead the strongest ship in the Federation". Take into account it hase 12 (!) phaser arrays, two torpedo launchers and 250 torpedoes. Ship of peace my arse.

Everyoner talks about how the Galaxy Class appeared in the show. If yiou want that ship, it should have teh following limitations:

1) Can't fire a weapon until Shields are at zero percent (If you watch TNG you'd know that's teh ONLY situation when it returned any fire.)

2) In the middle of combat, the captain and all Boffs will be auto beamed into the ship's interior conference room for a random (2 to 5 minute briefing)

You want the 1701-D Galaxy Class from the TNG TV serries? Fine. It needs the above to behave like it did on show in combat.
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