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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post

They will never change their ship system, not alone because every escort pilot would rage if they would.

The only thing we can do is to present suggestions that make this game a bit more like as Star Trek should be.
I like your idea of restricted weapons for evey shipclass.
DHCs for Escorts. (we already have this)
Dual Beam Banks for Science Vessels. (wouldn't be a big problen, since Cruisers are just too slow)
Heavy Beam Arrays for Cruisers.
These "Heavy Beam Arrays", are only useable on the biggest Cruisers. These Weapons should do similar damag as the DHCs but they should also have a more narrow fireing Arc, but in contrast to DHCs not to the Front but to the ships sides. (maybe just 45 degrees, left and right)

So my question is: Why do Escorts have special Weapons, availlable only for them?
(since they are much more maneuverable and thus they have a real high defense value, escorts are clearly in favour.)

I am not asking to get the old conditions (Cryptics original stone/scissor/paper balance) but i want cruisers to get more "bite".
As i said Crusiers are just a big static target practices for Escorts. If STO where just a generic Sci Fi game this would be ok (if balanced correctly), but (sadly for cryptic) in Star Trek, all big Spaceships are Crusiers everything else is just support craft IMO.
The Galaxy Class being the most Iconic ship of them all, (at least for me). I personally being ashamed to use it, since it is nothng more than just a "healboat".
(Im shuddering while writing the word "healboat" in connection with the Galaxy Class, this is just wrong...)

Live long and prosper.
On the DBB and cruisers being "too slow", speak for yourself and your Galaxy, my Excels' and Sovy' types don't have problems keeping in arc to use them.

I agree that cruisers should have more power generated to support the ship. I would even go as far as to say that maybe escorts should have a similar weapons layout to the BOP,. Cruisers should have a lot more guns than the escorts do (not just a one weapon advantage).

I understand that you love the Galaxy, and that's fine. But its not the pinnacle ship of Star Trek, especially in regards to combat. The way you speak of it isn't to far from the players who have been calling for a tier 5 Connie.