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09-20-2012, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by umrathama View Post
Long time ago now those 2 were combined, and they did not work properly to my recollection. They decided to separate them into to commands and prevent crouch walking. I seriously dough that they will recombine them, and or revert to the old broken way, just saying.....
The did work properly. The problem was that the devs in their infinite fail forgot to disable the 'aim' when the player stood up.

That is why people got so fed up that crouching, while great with aim, was hard to navigate when you stood up to'd be slow-mo because your toon was aiming.

I did a manual keybind that by pressing one key it does aim toggle then crouch toggle. It works perfectly. Aim->crouch .. bam! you're crouched and aiming. Tap it again twice and from crouch+aim position the toon toggles the aim off and toggles crouch off...voila! he's standing up with no aim.

And I have the standard aim toggle separately for when I want to walk and aim.