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09-20-2012, 10:39 AM
Making someone play a few normals (sure, why not with optionals), to unlock elites on an account is of course doable. I see no drawback in such procedure.

The question is if it would make the quality of players better. But that's where the mandatory optional comes in play. Optional in (even normal) pugs is not guaranteed, so it might force some players to look up tips on the forums or joining some of the "teaming channels" (like EliteSTF).

Adding the optionals as a requirement is a potentially bright idea, blockbusters.

Come to think of it, are these channels listed somewhere, maybe it would help if they were mentioned on the wiki in the STF sections (Is there an active editor knowing some of those channels reading?).
TOIVA, Toi Vaxx, Toia Vix: Bring in the Allegiance class
Toi'Va, Ti'vath, Toivia: Add Tier 6 staple KDF ship types: Carrier and Bird of prey.
Tae'Va, T'Vaya, To'Var: Give us Asylums for Romulans

Don't make ARC mandatory! Keep it optional only!