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Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
That's the point that I was thinking about. Klinks can have better turn rates and DHC/DC and Feds have more hull and shield multipliers. Otherwise whats the difference between each others ship than the distinctive smell of the Klingon ships
I like the smell of Klingon ships.
From "The Left Hand of Destiny" pt.2 page 18:

Every time she came aboard a Klingon vessel, Dax noted it.
She smiled at the memory of Curzon trying to explain it to young Ben Sisko:
"It's something between the smell of frying bacon, old-fashioned petroleum oil, and the yeasty smell of truly exquisite beer."
Only two of those smells (bacon and beer) were even in Ben's vocabulary, and since he had never been much of a beer drinker, let alone an excuisite beer drinker, combining their smells hadn't made sense to him.
And petroleum oil was a concept wholly lost on a modern twenty-fourth-century lad.
Benjammin might have been unable to truly appreciate "essence of bird-of prey", but it never failed to evoke a response in Dax. Da**ed if it didn't make Ezri wonder when was the last time that she had eaten.
Okay now I'm gonna go and find something salty and meaty to eat...