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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Okay, then let's have a look:

K'tanco has 1,500 less hull, same shield mod and +4 turnrate

K't'inga has 2k less hull, same shield mod and +3 turnrate (and more fwd guns than any other ship at T3)

Vor'cha has 2,500 less hull, same shield mod and +1 turnrate

Negh'var has same hull and shields as any Fed cruiser except Galaxy that has 1k more.
Negh'var outturns every single one of them.

Vor'cha has 3k less hull, same shield mod and outturns the Negh'var.

If you had said the Bortas'qu is a horrible ship, you could've just said that.

And the one that I really find weird is the comparison between the Marauder and the Star Cruiser.
They are completely identical, hull, shields, consoles.
Except the Marauder has a better inertia rating, better impulse mod and a free hangar.
In other words it's just better.

I'm a proud KDF player.
I enjoy playing KDF a whole lot more than the Feds (they are like rice cookies to me) but I just don't get it from a balancing standpoint.
Sure whatever. I'm too tired to argue.

PS. K'tanco, yes I can see the KDF is completely OP there! Damn that's a cool ship to play with...........