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I agree with this. Thw whole MMO-concept doesn't pay enough tribute to the source material.

There shouldn't be any "tiers" of ships either. Light cruisers still have a purpose in battles when capital ships collide even though they don't feature as many guns. Every ship should be viable at every state in the game but for different tasks. Yet, these would also require a gameplay which surpasses the "go there, shoot this" pattern so before anyone rambles, no in current STO lower tiers have absolutely no purpose. Even the singleplayer part is so rushed that you're just annoyed of your uncapable "lower" ships...

But if we'd play another game, every ship should have specialized parts fitting it's actual class, some classes could use interchangeable modules (nebula/galaxy for example). In such a game we'd see smaller vessels partake in "endgame" content and fulfill a specific role to help the fleet complete different objectives. While cruisers would engage in long range combat, "escorts" (including light cruisers and "science" vessels) would protect them, outflank the enemy, support vessels would apply debuffs/buffs and even longer ranged support fire (anyone remembers "Birth of the Federation"? A game which classified the Nebula-class with tactical module as "long range artillery" to be placed behind your main fleet) while specialized parts of the fleet could pursue infiltration/S&R/sabotage objectives. Hell, I'd even play a tow ship in this setup, trator beaming disabled allies out of the danger zone...

You got a good point here.

There is no need for a Tier system at all. Different ships for different tasks.
There is also no need to start as a Ensign, Lieutenant and so on, since we're doing the same job anyway. We are the Captain of a Starship from the start, so there should just be different levels and nothing more.

If doing so every ship would have a different task when going into bigger engagements, but they would be also capable of taking care of themselves without being too redical underpowered in certain areas.

Live long and prosper.