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Here is another youtube video for you to watch...

For all the bahoo that is made about the war between the Empire and the Federation there is a surprising lack of fighting between the factions.

I could swear just some minutes ago I had two Federation speedbumps in my STF team and couldn't kill them for their incompetence...
There's a KDF mission where the player boards a disabled feddie cruiser, fights their way to the bridge, and tortures the captain for info about the UP shipyard. I used to torture the captain with my landing party blasting him with rifles until he submits the info. Last couple of time I've left my team on the bridge, and tortured the federation officer in private- with the butt of my rifle.

If that's not a war then your not looking close enough.

The only thing more satisfying than beating the fed captain senseless for information is killing the fed battleship in a single pass (alpha sorte).
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