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First of all, let me just provide this disclaimer - this is not an attempt at social commentary, a bash against Cryptic, or a sneaky attempt at a backhanded statement about the perceived quality (or lack thereof) of the content of story missions. It's simply an attempt to investigate the veracity of a perception I've begun to have regarding the current makeup of the STO playerbase.

I have had the good fortune to find myself employed at a business that permits me to play STO while I am at work, which actually allows me a far more substantial amount of time ingame than I otherwise would have. Because my job is in the evenings (primarily) I am able to interact with people across the globe in multiple timezones, particularly a great number of U.S. players.

One common theme I've noticed, almost across the board, is a huge lack of knowledge among a great portion of the current playerbase concerning the Cryptic-made storyline missions, how they tie into the game, and why they're important. I've run into more Vice Admirals than I care to even think about who have made it to endgame without ever touching a story mission, propelled there by DOFF assignments and the various PvE / PvP events. Interestingly, when I have mentioned the existence of these missions, as well as the community authored content and the dailies, I've been met with general disinterest or an inquiry as to how to get through them as fast as possible.

So I'm putting the question out there to you guys - are we now in an era of STO where the majority of the playerbase does not care about story? Is our leading demographic now primarily composed of button-mashing pew-pew'ers who'd rather blow stuff up than seek immersion in the Star Trek universe? Is it possible that Dan Stahl's concerns that continued investment in story might not be worthwhile anymore actually have a foundation in reality?

And if so, has this been PWE's plan all along?

I welcome everyone's thoughts.
Based on my recent experience with a new toon...

It doesn't help that they've taken a lot of the story out of the game or relegated it to lore missions at SFA. I leveled a toon and spent the first 10 Miranda levels of the game just asking a simple question: "What is this war with the Klingons all about?" The game barely explains anything, beyond a bad guy named B'Vat. There is almost no character development, very little story, or few basic explanations for why we are killing so many people and fighting a 17-front war.

With the exception of the FEs and a few good ones here and there, there is very little in terms of a coherent story in this game. There are coherent mini-stories that usually end with a cliff hanger, just like many of the threads in the path end with a cliff hanger, while other stuff in the path (like holographic rights) are entirely missing from the game itself, especially the first 10 hours.

The best of the stories are now post VA, but they used to be captain level stories. They've pretty much taken away any incentive to play the best Cryptic stories of the game, since they now get assigned after a toon hits VA.

I suspect that much of what you know about the story comes from the Path to 2409, which now has its home on a third-party website, or you're basing what you know from info in the lore missions or the STO novel. Or, you're going from memory of the game prior to the F2P changes.

I stopped leveling the toon when I hit VA after finishing the Klingon Front and playing the Devidian missions. I was doffing, so Nimoy was congratulating me once or twice an hour.

I don't think we can really blame players when they have to rely on tribal knowledge, third-party websites, and a convoluted novel just to get an idea of the plot of this game, beside 'It's WAAAARRR!" To get to the good parts of the story, they need to be a bored VA who doesn't care much for a starbase or XP.

That type of player finds many great stories with UGC missions.

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