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09-20-2012, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
A hunch that may be right after all.
Why should the KDF fanbase spend money on a game that obviuosly doesn't want them and has a developer to scared outright say so?

Pay close attention RSE fans, after that new faction smell wears off you will be right there beside us wondering where the love went as the dinner plate passes you by.....
I know that it's a business decision not to say anything concrete about anything - but at least the Dev's really don't like the Head guy stringing the KDF fan-base along with more empty promises - (shameless, truely shamesless) so they try to let out the news that the KDF is going to continue to get the shaft without directly saying so and risking their job - it's clear that is what they are doing.

And all this "discussion" "talks" that they are having about the KDF is them being told to say: "it's being look at" or "working on it" and just play along like it's going somewhere. Some people just can't lie bold face and it come through when you talk to them - others well - you know who.

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