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09-20-2012, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by tribbleorlfl View Post
Wasn't aware this needed nerfing. As an Eng, I barely play PvP as it is bc it's unbalanced towards Tac players. The ability to switch kits and maintain kit abilities was one of the few things that allowed be to survive, and I always assumed Tac and Sci's could do the same thing.

Diogene, you are correct, this will bring more balance to PvP: this will push even more Eng's away from PvP, so it will be even more TvT than today. Would be great if they improved kit stats to make up.
MMO development is and should be a constant cycle of fixing and breaking things.

First, you remove the exploit. Then, if Engineers are underpowered, you buff them. This happens faster if you can identify the problem.

Personally, I think kits should come with a fifth, passive power. It would allow on the fly rebalancing. It would make any future plans for kit customizing even better.

In general, one thing STO lacks is character defining passives.

Most of the passives we have, everyone has and can get. Most of the character specific stuff (ie. kits) is active abilities.

By adding passives to kits, it opens up a whole new world of balance options. And the least popular classes or kits can get the coolest passives.

Imagine for instance if Engineers got a "charge build up" not unlike the Tholian "explosive discharge" but as a passive. With a variety of flavors like AoE damage after receiving X amount of damage, AoE auto-shield recharge, AoE auto-heal.