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09-20-2012, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by thetruthurts View Post
Looking forward to playing it. On a related note, I just had an interesting idea for a foundry mission along similar lines that someone may want to run with. In The Walking Dead, the majority of the world are zombies and the human survivors are just a small minority. There is really no way to do that within the story of this least not within this universe. But imagine an alternate universe where a "zombie" plague has infected almost everyone, and your ship gets accidentally transported there through some typical Trek-nobabble anomaly. That would be a great setting, IMO.
Seems like a great idea, I was actually playing around with the idea that this virus spreads so fast that your crew eventually leaves to another universe via transporter ala mirror universe. I ended up going in a different direction though. Perhaps we should coordinate and work on something together.