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09-20-2012, 12:49 PM
I played a few here and there before and after level 50 on both my characters.

Never once did I step into a story mission without exclusively going for the reward.
Would I rather spend 30 minutes shooting something and get nothing, OR, spend 30 minutes and get something...

To me "story" is a number of letters on my screen that has zero impact on the gameplay - and that I have zero impact on in return.

And so I don't care someone took the time to write an intertextuality joke referring to a character from the original series and think he is clever
Until such a time the story matters or I matter to the story it's just pixels on a screen

If I wanted to watch a story I'd read a book or watch a movie, the one thing that makes games superior is the ability to interact.

Since the story will stand still, move slightly forward or take a turn with or without me what does it matter

That being said I didn't expect anything from the storyline and luckily I enjoy the fighting in itself so it's not like I am upset of feel let down or anything