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# 6 Me too
09-20-2012, 12:51 PM
I've noticed this too. I only have one character that has the Omega Force Mark XI so far, a female human. Some of the color selections are the full uniform palette, some are just shades of gray (silver?). I wanted to add some "division color" parts to the uniform, and was rather disappointed by where I could and could not do this.

This is a unisex outfit; I don't think it should work differently for male and female characters. If it does, it's is an issue that should be addressed.

She also has the M.A.C.O. armor Mark XI, which has similar restrictions on the color palettes. However, the places you can use the uniform colors makes much more sense to me. There's even a two-color palette for little blue "lights" on the armor, which is a nice touch.
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