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09-20-2012, 01:13 PM
Ground PVP? who plays ground PVP anyway? not to mention the fact turrets are almost useless in ground PVP.
I think this nerf is totally unwarranted? I suspect some tacs must of felt slighted by engineers ground dps. I've been in thousands of ground STF's I've only seen a handful of Engineers switch kits, why nerf it? And if you want to get rid of exploits... how about the exploits of Tac's and Sci's? For instance the endless stacking of Nanite Health Monitor?

Look if you want to change things great, but be fair. A change of this magnitude warrants a free respec for all engineers who have specced to two kits. This was never flagged as an exploit, and has been a common tactic.

I'll use myself as an example. My Fed Engineer "Duggan" has long had near the max of allowed ground points allocated ( at the cost of his space skills) in order to switch kits and take maximum effect of Mines and turrets. Now with this fix I have waisted skill points that are useless in my tree... I'll adjust, I'm not complaining... but a change like this deserves a respec for Engineers across the board.