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Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
Well I am sure the Ocampa would be in a constant state of distress only being able to mate once when they only live 9 years. Poor frail little elf like Cas must feel relieved.
That is not really the point, the Ocampa have 2 genders and can only mate once ... and only bare one child.

Meaning it have a negative population growth.

The real point that makes it impossible ...
Oh dont get me wrong, the whole notion is ludicrous applied across the board since a mammal is not going to impregnate a insect or became pregnant by one (unless its a Brood parasite and chances are you end up like the people in Aliens in that case) but in some ways its more acceptable that what been shown in Trek, like the Ocampa's mating cycle that only existed for cheap drama.

Besides we dont really know if its going to work until we try and one thing I know about humans is that we are not exactly picky over with what we try to breed with.