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My point was that there were numerous battles we never saw and they didn't document every ship they destroyed. There were mentions of entire fleets lost so it's not actualy possible to claim exact numbers of what types of ships were lost. Also the game does not take into account the class of warp core but we know that smaller ships had different classes of core and suffered no proportional performance loss. So I see no reason for the game to differentiate beyond the sector space warp speed limit placed on lower tier vessels. Remember what your slotting into that engine slot is listed as an impulse engine we have no controll over our warp cores. besides a larger ship would consume more power so the output difference between a cruiser's and destroyer's warp core would on application be less than on paper. And the shield modifier is supposed to reflect the disparity in shielding which is why escorts get a 10% reduction in strength. Besides you can take the shield off your oddy and slap it onto your runabout so fighters and shuttles are not discluded.
Just because a ship is larger don't mean it runs low on power making many systems less than adequate. If you ever looked at a cut away diagram of a the Enterprise-D there are redundant power reactors all over that ship. Its not just using power from the warpcore. The Sauser section had two in front of the impulse engines and the star drive section had one in from of the one impulse engine. The reactors are fusion reactors so that means nuclear power. If you know physics, then you will know that nuclear fusion is the most powerful source of energy that we know of. It is what powers the sun. Your ship size is not enough to drain power out of that kind of source.

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