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Originally Posted by veraticus View Post
There are only 5 Galaxy Class starships ever destroyed. Including novels.

USS Asgard - The Asgard was destroyed at the Battle of Rashanar during the Dominion War. Even then this was not a complete destruction but rather a complete burnout by a Breen Thermal weapon that destroyed every system on the ship leaving it a floating husk waiting to be reclaimed. (TNG novel: A Time to Be Born)

USS Enterprise-D - I don't think I need to explain this one.

USS Monitor - In 2377, the Monitor fell victim to the Warden nanite virus. A rescue crew inadvertently triggered a Borg self destruct sequence. (ST video game: Away Team)

USS Odyssey - Destroyed in 2370. The Dominion war started in 2373 and ended in 2375.

USS Yamato - Destroyed by an Iconian Computer Virus. (TNG episode: "Contagion")

So even using non canon sources only one Galaxy Class was "destroyed" during the Dominion War.
If you subtract the non canon sources, ther where only 3 Galaxy class ships ever destroyed. (none of them during the Dominion war, btw.)

Originally Posted by veraticus View Post
It allows for the smallest ship, fighters and shuttles excluded, to equip the exact same engines, weapons, shield, deflectors etc. as the largest most powered vessels in the game.
With zero drawbacks.

You would have to strip the game down and start from scratch to correct the system as it currently is. Again, this is simply my opinion.
I completely agree with you, that makes no sense.

The only thing i could imagine that would make the current system a bit more "realistic" (i know the devs are not interested in Trek realism), would be the introduction of a variety of Warp Cores, that generate a certain amount of energy.

The more powerfual a Warp Core is the more space it needs.
The bigger the ship the bigger the place for the Warp core, nothing really complicated and very easy and comprehensible, IMHO.

Live long and prosper.

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