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09-20-2012, 01:54 PM
We wanted these weapons to have cool and unique models - but every model takes time for an artist, and we can only generate so many at once. Rather than having every weapon type using the same models, we decided it would be more appropriate to use the most iconic weapon types for each faction for the time being and potentially put in "Elite" weapons for the other weapon types as rewards for other content at a later time.

So, to be clear for those that are wondering, the Elite ground energy weapon types *do* have unique models.

It looks like there's a bug with the stores right now. These are thematically intended to represent the most advanced Federation and Klingon technology, and as such only the Phasers were intended to be available to Federation, and only the Disruptors were intended to be available to Klingons. The current result is that Federation players have more weapon options than Klingon ones. I will be fixing this issue soon.

I realize that this means that we'll be cutting down the options available for Elite weapons for both sides a bit further. It's a tough decision, but ultimately, we'd rather not have Klingon technology in Federation hands and Federation technology in Klingon hands.

In order to soften the blow of removing the Disruptors from the Federation side and the Phasers from the Klingon side, I'm going to be adding in some Elite Fleet melee weapons. Klingon players will have access to new Batleths, and Federation players will be able to buy new Lirpas. These melee weapons won't have new models, but they will have new procs. I'll try to get some melee weapons with new models in the future.

I'm also adding some Advanced Fleet Lirpas and Batleths that will be available in the same way as other Advanced Fleet ground weapons. Federation will get Lirpas, Klingons will get Batleths.

The Elite Phaser's shield healing proc is very different from other weapon procs - it provides a bonus to the user's sustainability. It would be very easy to make the weapon a "must have" if we made the proc rate or shield restore too high. We didn't want these weapons to be vastly superior to Advanced weapons - you're effectively trading just a little bit of damage for a new proc. That said, I realize it the proc just doesn't come across as being as exciting as the Disruptor one, and as such, I'm going to be making some improvements to it soon.

Thanks for reporting that one of the Phasers has a Disruptor icon - I just fixed that internally.