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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
I do not have a galor and never unlocked one yet I can buy Spiral Wave from the dstore.
Thats soo weird! I wonder if its a bug or glitch? I tryed and couldn't. It wasn't blacked out if i remember, just wouldn't take my dilithium.I figure it's bound as i've never seen one on the exchange for sale.Anybody know if the D'Kora weapons and 62 console forsale at Lobi crystal store for 200 lobi's will work on other ships as a universal console?
I got a good glitch on my account i can't explain,but when i was a free to play member,i made 2 fed captains and still could make a KDF one. Everyone said i was only supose to have one. Hence the one fed tatical and one fed science captains i mention in my 1st post.My brother joined about a month later and he only could make one federation character. Don't know why i could but i like it.

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