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09-20-2012, 02:55 PM
I just got a kitty carrier a while back and it's a blast. One thing I noticed (and I'll join the group about your two torps in the front) is I don't believe you can subsystem with Turrets. Targeting doesn't seem like much but it can be quite beneficial at keeping shields down longer.

Here's a link to my station layout (I'm not on my gaming machine so I can't remember my talent build now). I usually use 1 Danube and 1 Stalker in STFs so I get 1/2 tractor troll and some dps.

I'm still debating about ditching scramble sensors, Tac Team and VM for another Transfer Shield Strength, BFAW, and Extend shields. Extend shields is cool but since it's not self cast it bothers me. In an Atrox I find myself having to heal a lot since I'm a big target.

I also don't really run Elite STFs right now I'm still a noob.