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Size is not relative to the ships strength especially cannoncally in Star Trek. Considering they added roll bars (to increase the weapon load out) in DS9, it stands to reason their standard weapons were also upgraded to what ever was best in Star Fleet issue at the time.

In addition to this, clearly the warp engines of the Miranda's were updated between TOS and DS9, and more then likely, the Miranda's had plenty of energy to use their guns to full capacity. And with having less shields and life support needed to run the ship into battle, even a smaller warp core is acceptable in that case.

Even today, Naval ships are older and get retrofitted to the newest RADAR, communications and weapon systems available all the time, only difference, in space your not dealing with salt water trying to rust the ship, so its very reasonable to expect longer service lifes of the hulls in space then on Earth, and even with that, there are some ships pushing 80 years still in active service in various navies world wide.

Heck look at the Defiant, size isn't everything.

Even the defiants Warp Core had just a fraction of the power of a Galaxy classes Warp core.

There is a huge difference between todays weapon systems and star trek beam weapons, especially todays weapons don't need that much energy to operate.
Surely they could have refitted a Miranda Class with the newest sensors and computers but Weapon and defensive systems need a lot of power to operate.
First: You can't just slap some Galaxy Class phaser arrays into a Miranda Class and send it into battle. The whole ships power systems would need to handle power they never where constructed for (i hardly doubt that it is even possible to retrofit such an old ship to handle that much power).

Second: There is no way to install a Galaxy Class sized Warp core into a Miranda Class.

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