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[quote=alexindcobra;5778001]like Fed vesrion of Tie fighters.

The Federation has dedicated fighters ...

Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
There aren't as many Galaxy Classes.
That is sort of my point.

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Minus the Borg, there is nowhere in the TNG show or DS9 where a Galaxy Class slowly desrtoyed an enemy. They either decisivly disabled an enmy or destroyed them with ease.
Humm no, such as in the push to get to Cardassia, the Galaxy's were used to take out the heavier Dominion ships while the rest pushed to break through the lines. And watching the battle, there was no "decisiveness" in the Galaxy's attack, they sit back and pound the bigger Dominion ships as the rest went into battle.

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That shows an emmence powerful weapon system that Excelsior and Mirandas can't compare to.
Not really, if you watch DS9, and I mean sit there and watch it Excelsiors kill with just as much ease as the Galaxy class ships when they fire.

No modern Navy, just like no future "space fleet" would bring old equipment into the fight unless they had no choice. Over all most weapon systems are a question of number not "power" as ships would be equipped with the maximum number of weapon systems it can support through its warp core's energy output at the best possible strength weapons available.

Just because the United States took the Iowa class battle ships to war 40 years after they were first built, doesn't mean they left them like that, instead they armed them with the same cruise missiles and weapon platforms that then current new production ships had.