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09-20-2012, 05:49 PM
Captain's Log: Supplemental.

Having returned safely to the Endeavour, I can properly detail the events of the last twenty four hours, while I await Commander VanDoren's report on what caused the systems outage aboard the Equinox. Having built most of the Delta-Class shuttle myself, I know every bolt and every weld, and want to know how and why it was disabled, so I can prevent it from happening again. I had been in flight from the conference for a little over twelve hours when there was what I can only describe as an intense brightness outside the shuttle. At first, I thought I'd come under attack, but it was a single one-off burst. Possibly a pulsar, so fortunate that the shields were raised. Almost all primary systems failed, leaving only emergency life-support online, I was just fortunate that there were some spare parts in emergency storage. In a way, I was glad to have been by myself. I didn't have to give orders, or tell anyone what to do. I simply decided on a plan, and made it happen. I know they say the more the merrier, but in this case, I welcomed the solitude and the opportunity to utilize my survival skills. It was clear that whatever the phenomenon was which had caused the systems outages, it had fried the gel packs of the main computer core. Fortunately, I had brought a dozen PADDs with me to the conference, and I networked them together to form an auxiliary computer core. Time consuming, and fiddly work, re-configuring each of the PADDs STAs into a collective unit, but, when I linked the network to the shuttle's systems, it worked, and I was able to discover that both warp and impulse were offline. With limited resources, I considered it illogical and inefficient to try and effect repairs to them. I chose instead, to repair the forward tractor beam emitters. This meant donning an EVA suit to perform the component swap over, but needs must... Once this was done, I launched the shuttle's escape pods on drift mode, before snaring them with tractor beams. I networked my tricorder into the pods on board systems, using them to provider my navigational references and propulsion. To ensure maximum strength for the tractor beams, I remained in my EVA suit and diverted all power from life-support and internal gravity to the tractor beams. It must have looked quite amusing to any observers, witnessing a shuttle being pulled along by two coffin-like escape pods. I imagine it looked somewhat like the pod-racers on Malastare, but it got the job done... I wonder how Admiral Paris would grade my work this time... My plan to use the pods as external engines worked efficiently, although using the tricorder interface to control the two pods was something of a challenge. When I reached the Endeavour, I used my suits comms system to appraise them of my situation, and the main shuttle bay was cleared for an emergency landing... I was glad that my flight instructor, Commander Avon, wasn't present to witness the landing, as to say it was messy would be polite, but I was, as the Commander always said, "Down and safe..."