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Admiral's Log:
Stardate 83779.82, my birthday.

I hope to avoid my senior officers the entire day, lest they throw another large celebration in the mess hall. It took a month to refurbish 7th Heaven after Commander Taylor's birthday party, and Lieutenant Orlos and Chief S'rria still aren't allowed back in by Miss Mazan. Once the Felczer Nebula mission is over, we can have a lesser celebration on Defera proper.
The Lord English is being tasked to explore the Felczer Nebula on behalf of the Deferi government. I decided that it would be a good opportunity for Commander Taylor to gain command experience and relinquished the bridge to her. My original plan was to return to Defera and assist in their Borg suppression campaign, but I have just picked up an emergency signal from a Deferi patrol and am changing course to investigate the matter.

Admiral's Log: Supplemental. 1607 Defera Time.

In retrospect, I should have been more careful in responding to emergencies without examining the situation, as the emergency the Deferi patrol required help with was a Breen raiding party. The last thing I remember was being caught in a Breen energy dissipator before a doomed Deferi Cruiser rammed the Breen flagship, causing a tremendous explosion which had apparently knocked me out. When I came to, it seemed as if only the sturdiness of the Becquerel's frame had kept me alive, and that I was the only survivor of the skirmish. I seem to be stuck within a dark matter nebula. Will continue to investigate after a preliminary diagnostic.


After a preliminary diagnostic, I have ascertained the Bec's status. Power systems across the board are at 0. Emergency batteries are stable, but will only last for around 8 hours. I can't raise Lord English on comms, but I can send a message on Starfleet encrypted frequencies. I just hope it'll reach the right people in time.
*blip* To any Federation ships in the area: This is the USS Becquerel, NX-100179, requesting immediate assistance. I have been attacked by the Breen and am dead in the water. If you receive this message, please respond! *blip*
That should get the message across without attracting attention from the Klingons or the Breen. Now to play the waiting game.

The waiting game sucks! I have decided to see what I can do to pass the time.
None of the computer systems on the Bec are functional, so that's out of the question. I'm draining the batteries on the PADDs to extend life support. It should add 30 or so minutes to its functionality, but I guess three minutes is a small sacrifice to pay to stay awake long enough to return a message. I guess I can write that fan fiction for Federation Novel Writing Month that I keep putting off.

Curse the non-functionality of the computers! I was unable to look up a reference to another story to add to mine, and so I put off writing the novel again. I should look into the dry provisions on board the Bec.

Finally able to break into the dry provisions store. The Breen attack had caused some surges in the EPS conduits to fuse the panels together, but I was able to pry it open with my karambit. There's only a box with a note on it though. The emergency ration packs are missing.
Dear Admiral Lee,
If you are reading this, you've found out that we've disabled your replicators. Kira says shame on you for hiding your birthday from us! Well, this is a gift from your senior staff. Thot had wanted to make a snow tuber pie, but Kovat reminded him that it would melt before you would check here, so we replicated a few things for you. If for some reason it doesn't please your palate, you can always return to the Lord English for some primo food. Have fun, Admiral!

Drevis Indoril Nethri
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Lord English
The only things in the box are a can of TaB and a bag of Licorice Scotty Dog candies. Dammit, Drevis.
Wait, there's some more to this note.
P.S. We left you a ration pack of dehydrated pumpkin.
Pumpkin? What pumpkin? There's only a can of TaB and candy.

I have used up two hours of life support and still no Federation ships have responded to my message. The only chance for my message to get through now is if it reaches Defera. I have kept one of the Licorice Scotty Dogs to keep me company. Counselor Scotty has suggested that we keep our minds active using brain-training games, but Ensign TaB is in bad shape. He has been exsanguinating for the past hour and I don't think he'll stay alive long enough for rescue. *sip*

Despite the best efforts of Counselor Scotty, Ensign TaB has passed away due to fluid loss. Although his career in Starfleet was short, he never lost his bubbly personality or his rose-colored outlook on life. I had planned to keep his body to return to his family once we were rescued, but I just thought of an idea.

After half an hour of tinkering, I was able to make a makeshift subspace antenna from Ensign TaB and parts of the Bec's sensor probe system. It should allow me to receive subspace communications on my PADD. However, I should run a low-powered application in order to conserve battery life.

neuroticHospitaller [NH] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board Help me! I'm stuck in a powerless ship somewhere in Orellious block!
NH: It's self explanatory, but I do need help getting back to my ship
ariadnesGossamer [AG]RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
Crap. It's HER.
AG: Well well! Look who's fallen into the we8! :::: )
NH: Never mind! It looks like I can make my way home! Thank you very much
AG: Don't you wish. Comm chatter throughout Orellius is talking a8out a lost convoy, 8ut they don't talk a8out a lost Federation admiral. As far as you know, you're on your own.
AG: Tell you what. I'll come 8y in my ship and rescue you, 8ut in return you swear servitude to me, the Spider Marquess of the Orion Syndic8!
NH: I'm not that desperate, I still have plenty of air left in here
AG: Well, don't say I didn't offer a hand. May8e you'll change your tune once my 8ird of Prey reaches you. Now tell me where you are. :::: )
NH: No thank you! I'm good enough as is, I don't need to get involved in your schemes with the Klingons and the Orions
NH banned AG from responding to memo.
hiddenSwitchblade [HS] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
HS: Our glorious SPIDER MARQUESS requests that YOU reveal your LOCATION so as to hasten her PLANS for CONQUEST.
NH: Go away Klingons! Stop bothering me!
NH banned HS from responding to memo.
NH closed memo.
Frakking Orion lieutenant generals. Always making trouble for me.

Well, whatever is preventing Starfleet from finding me is also preventing the Klingons from finding me. I guess it's time for some end-of-life decision-making. Can't let ol' Bec fall into Breen hands. I'll transfer this log to Bec's black box and shoot it in Defera's direction, and then blow the warp core with plasma grenades. Whatever isn't annihilated will probably be fried by the tetryon-plasma cloud. I think I'll start the process when life support's down to 1 hour.

It took much longer than I had hoped, but I finally was able to stuff all my plasma grenades in Bec's engine. Now to transfer the log into the the black box and launch it into the
Oh cra- *fwoosh*

Admiral's Log: 83781.51
It turned out that my premature launch of the black box saved me 15 minutes from death, as its exit from the dark matter nebula caused it to intercept the Lord English as it was scanning the vicinity. And by intercept, I mean it accidentally left a hole in one of the shuttles coming to rescue me. Chief Medical Officer Four of Thirteen assures me that Lieutenants Raastz and Sur will survive their bout with vacuum exposure and will be ready for duty in twenty hours.
As for me, the doctor has cleared me for duty and has prescribed for me a shot of Tranya to be redeemed at 7th Heaven. Although his Borg implants prevent him from showing overt signs of emotions, it is apparent by subtleties in his body language and Lieutenants Raastz and Sur's soft snickering that there's something much more than tranya waiting for me in the mess hall. Oh well.
End Admiral's log.

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