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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
To be fair, they are using the same design as the Countdown comic.

Also the Generations uniform is not a canon uniform and it seems it never made it beyond concept work as the movie and instead used the early DS9/VOY uniform, I can understand wanting then as a option but I rather see KDF selection being expanded.

Besides you can turn the gloss off the 25th century uniforms, just go into material and pick matte instead of gloss, no more shine.
unfortunately this doesn't help much. If you turn off the "glossy" they look like they where made of rubber.

Originally Posted by palpha2clearance View Post
Maybe just put the tng dress uniforms in, instead of the love boat/ splice with the tng dress unoforms that were so ugly they did not make it in game, and were not consistent with the uniforms of the time period and DS9 OR VOYAGER.
I like the Generations uniform much more, at least they look like uniforms, instead of those black pyjamas they wore in DS9 and Voy, lol.

Seriously, i am waiting for this uniform since i started playing STO. They look much more like military uniforms, then the TNG series uniform, but still not as braggy as the WOK uniforms.

Sorry for writing so much in this thread but i really like this uniform, i think its a shame they didn't used them for the following movies, instead of those black bags they wore in ST:8-10.

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