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Seriously, i am waiting for this uniform since i started playing STO. They look much more like military uniforms, then the TNG series uniform, but still not as braggy as the WOK uniforms.
Maybe this is the point. We both know that Starfleet is not a military and up until First Contact no uniform actually looked "military" except maybe the TOS movie one which paid a tribute to naval uniforms of the 18th century. The last canon uniforms look more "professional" but keep the "utility" look enough to not make them look like actual military uniforms.

I could imagine the Gnerations uniform as a ceremonial variation but it somehow at least to me doesn't look like something Starfleet would wear on regular duty, it's just too "shiney". DS9/VOY jumpsuits were efficient and kept the iconic colour patterns from TNG (the DS9 uniform is btw a variant of the TNG one, both were worn at the same time maybe to distinguish different corspes or something, mostly starbase personnel wore the DS9 variant).
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