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Originally Posted by possumlips View Post
....Anybody know if the D'Kora weapons and 62 console forsale at Lobi crystal store for 200 lobi's will work on other ships as a universal console? .
If you're talking about the 'unique' weapons that come with a D'Kora (the missile swarm launcher, and that field jamming thing) they are 'built into the ship' (e.g. no console or weapon device) and cannot be transferred.

Now the Ferengi Set from the Lobi Store can be used on any ship. Using a Armitrage with the Ferengi Concentrated Tachyon Mine in the back, plus the Quantum Turret (from the Regent class Sov Refit) in the front, with 2 Dispersal Pattern Beta's and 2 Torpedo Spread to back them up, is truly a sight to behold in a Starbase Fleet Alert...