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I agree with you, jnohd, they do need a unified front on the KDF issue.
Unfortunately like Drkfrontiers, I too get tired of finding hope and then watching it get dashed upon the rocks of "maybe, one day, its a desire, we are thinking about it"

I haven't started playing less becuase I have nothing to do in STO but becuase the things I have to do in STO have no purpose and do not make the KDf enjoyable. They really only remind me of how much storyline we are really missing and the only thing thats really wanted from me as a player is to spend money that doesn't help the KDF one bit.
I want to zoom in on the quote above about "the things I have to do in STO have no purpose and do not make the KDF enjoyable." First, let me say, "yes" to Roach's comment and say that this is precisely Warrior's Way #3, after the posting of the interview (24-36 hours it looks like).

We are warriors, part of a culture that is rich in lore, legend, and story. What a tragedy that our faction is the one most neglected in the area of story content. But the problem with story goes well beyond just a lack in KDF. End-game and PvE content has little to no connection with the larger STO grand narrative of the KDF/Fed war. No matter how much PvP, PvE, etc. I do, the story goes NOWHERE. The story is static. The fleet system is not much better in this regard. The Tholian narrative content is thin as paper. And some of the fleet events CONTRADICT the storyline (e.g., KDF fighting KDF).

A core problem in the KDF is not only lack of content but an overabundance of content that has little to no impact on or connection to the larger STO story.

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