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Originally Posted by jj1701e View Post
For some reason I was getting targeted by her despite the escorts wailing on her constanly.
Do yo have a bunch of skill points dumped into starship threat control? That could explain why she was targeting you.

I had another one of the classic losses today.

There I was....

Pugged into a cure normal.

Said 'Hi' as usual, no response.

Four ships raced to the Kang.

I went right.

All four of the other ships were fighting over who was guarding the Kang.

I was killing the right probes.

After a minute or two the right cube died.

The four ships at the Kang were still fighting over who was protecting it.

I flew by and saw that all four were Rainbow/Technicolor boats.

I flew over to cube 2 and started killing.

A few seconds later the optional was lost and within seconds of that, the Kang went boom.

Then the fight really began after I said 'four rainbow/technicolor beam boats at the kang and you still can't protect it.'

It was hilarious.