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09-21-2012, 12:04 AM
I too have had nothing but trouble with trying to make the Xbox controller work the way I want it to. I mean there is a key binding interface in the options, but I have not had any success at all getting that to work. If I can pick what buttons on my Xbox 360 controller does, I would enjoy the game much more. Right now I fumble in space combat and some in ground combat. I wanted to set my left bumper to aim, right bumper to fire option 1 and right trigger to fire option 2 with the weapons. Then use Right Analog button to do the command tray 3. I mean if I can pick the way I want my controller set up. I can play the game much easier. Right now there are times I get.... Rather frustrated since I tend to fumble with the key pad trying to do simple actions I should be able to do on the game pad.