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Originally Posted by kattarn View Post
I can say that having 2 of those in my beam boat ( a D'kora) help me a lot with broadside recovery, te power goes up faster than no equiping any lot of people say otherwhise but i
found that not only observing the power levels but runing combatlogs and comparing them with 0,1 and 2 eps flow regulators and the final damage and dps are enhanced increasing EPS flow, furthermore you can switch from a attack to defense to heal setup in no time which i guess is vital.
the problem is only, that the EPS console does not help you to recover weapon energy from normal beam fire...only from beam overload.
Not only people say otherwise also the description does and atleast a dozen tests done by other people.
It does however effect your powerlevels drastically when you switch powers to heal for instance.
I'm not sure what you observed with your combat logs, but i can assure you those 2 EPS consoles are a complete waste if you are not using beam overload, or switching between powers constantly.

it is exactly that kind of misinformation that brought forth this post in the first place.

Also there is to consider, that if you spend 0 points in power distribution system, the console is worthless because it is a percentage based value. and 100% of 0 is still 0.

PS: D'kora beam boat, srsly? how much more gimping a potentially good offensive cruiser can there be?
What's next? playing the fleet vor'cha as a heal cruiser?
Go pro or go home