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That's so cool! Thanks for the mention! If you find the interview online, let us know


Brandon =/\=

By now, local newspapers and TV have already covered the Angry Birds event.

After my interview there was an off the record session with the reporter and when asked "what was Heikki's score?" I did mention specifically that the focus of the media must be on the race and not on our scoring.

Reason being - our 'local talent' beat Heikki's score by a fair margin and it would be dishonorable to punch out a headline before the race saying "Heikki defeated by local Angry Birds players". It's part of today's media trends to want to make everything sensational but in this case we must be fair to the guest star (Heikki) himself.

What mattered to me was we competed fairly and had fun at it, and we wanted Heikki to do his best in the races starting today (qualifying takes place this evening, the race over the weekend). As the Klingons would say, it was an honorable battle and the other top players and I were content to even be lucky enough to be one of the half dozen or so contestants in the final showdown at 7pm, and there was no gloating or anything.

The driver after all is here in Singapore to DRIVE and not play Angry Birds

Rest assured if the local papers do publish a video of the interview online (and if they air the STO mention, which is unlikely being an OT comment) I'll keep you informed.
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