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Seems like i remember reading somewhere where other people can use the Tuffli like my friends. I guess its by invite only right? I was hoping they could without me but so far i can only get them there by sending a bridge invite but at least i can leave and it doesn't boot them off.It might be a fleet thing and as i'm not in one, other can't use it while i'm offline.Today i might try switching to another one of my ships while ones onboard and see if my he can still access exchange,craft build etc. while i'm in another sector.I take it that when he beams out, the freighter will disapear.Also, is they're any point of putting shields and weapons on it if i'm not going into battle with it? Couldn't find my answers about the Tuffli freighter on star trek wiki.I ask because if they can't have access to it, they may buy another one off the exchange.thanks for any added info on the freighter.
You can only invite people to your bridge when you are on it. To my knowledge there is no way they can come aboard if you are not there. It has nothing to do with being in a fleet. Once you log out your ship (which is actually you in a ship costume) will disappear. Wouldn't it be marvelous to be able to leave your freighter available at the starbase for anyone to use! However that will soon fill sector space with unmanned ships and crash the servers.

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