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09-21-2012, 07:05 AM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
If the varanus had worker-bee equivalent drones (not a dumb platform) and they could be used on other hangar-wielding ships it would be worth buying.

But.. as it is... no. the thing is just a waste of money for no real benefit.

Hull repair is not that useful (as the odyssey owners found out) since the drones die very quickly from any aoe attack and any ship that is getting hit in the hull does not survive long enough to say 'oh man I should head to that repair drone platform and grab me some hull repair!' .

Nice looking ship though.
i'm a varanus captain aswell, so i know the deal

but, thing which i'm wondering, have YOU tried to reach the team mates and keep dropping platforms near them? SUre, it's a sligth waste of cooldowns, but still helps, especially if you got hull repair skill at full (my drones, one each, repair up to 392 per sec, which if they focus on a single ship ALL the team's drones means that the person gets, assuming ALL drone are working, 2x5x392 = 3920 potential hull repair per sec)