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Originally Posted by aguida1987 View Post
Yes, but as the above post says - you can't go over 125. I am confused, why max out this power? When I use my cannons, I notice a drain on my weapon energy levels. If I put more skills in to weapon performance - will the drain be less? On Sto - it just says that it adds a bonus to the power level... So, what is the benefit of that bonus?

Is there a less drain on using big energy weapon attacks? Is there a greater chance to deal more damage? What is the benefit of putting skills into that... skill?

According to that post it also has these figures:


so - is that a bonus power level over 125? or does that mean that my energy weapons will have a greater punch over 125?

Maybe I am going about this the wrong way - any assistance from anyone to put this into perspective would be greatly appreciated.
I see where you're coming from. Thing is that for a while, the quote you posted was true. But not anymore. Beams only benefit from as much power you can put in weapons. Cannons don't. It seems cannons have a cap for 125, beams don't. Tell you what, make a test, one with max weapon power and epw, one with max weapon power and no epw. You'll see that average drain is less when you have more power to weapons. Ideally would be to go to 165-175, but that's pretty hard w/o leech console. You can also look in the logs and see there is a difference. You make more damage when you have more than 125 weapon power, but only with beams.

Edit: that skill just gives you power bonus, and that's useful to boost power mostly for ships that do t come up with power bonus to weapons or with not enough bonus to weapons. If you fly only escorts(with dhc) , then don't put any points in that skill since you don't need it to reach 125 level (just add 6 to warp core potential + Borg console + escort bonus and you're at 125 weapon). If you do want though to fly shuttles, you need that. Usually you also put some points when you fly beam cruisers or, if you have for example a kdf cruiser with leech, that could put you to 125 power with skill tree and ship power bonus (usually +10). You use leech bonus as an epw, to add bonus for whats over 125 but also not to be too dependent on the leech since the power gain is available only when in combat. For kdf you can go w/o using epw, you won't do as much damage as with epw, but you can move more towards healing (using epa) while still maintaining decent damage. If it doesn't make sense let me know and I'll try to explain better.
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