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Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
Simply put, Cryptic is the worst company in the industry, STO is the worst run MMO in the history of badly run MMO's. They have no direction and they themselves are held hostage to the Federation fan base.
I do not think Cryptic is the worst company in MMO gaming.

I do think they made the worst decisions in attempting to fix many problems that have plaqued them since the begining and still fail at fixing them years after the fact.

Your right though they need to pop the fed nipple out thier mouths and finish what they started before the game can possibly become what it can be, what many fans know it can be and have expected since STO was first concieved.
A grand story of the Star trek universe woven into one big MMO storyline that lets all fans of the genre find enjoyment and a place within it. Its a target they keep missing.
Money has been blaimed, bad direction has been blaimed. The truth is if they make STO for for everybody without favortism to one fanbase the everybody would be spending money somewhat happily and the game would grow past the same complaints that have been here almost since the first week of closed beta.
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