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No, it's not. I will say that the original purpose of Starfleet, especially in STO, is more and more blurry portrayed the further the universe progressed and I blame the rising militarism the real world and audience experienced for that (military became "cool" at some point, don't ask me when or why that happened. And that is by no means intended to be disrespectful, mind you.)
Roddenberry made it very clear that he never intended Starfleet to be a military. It is a paramilitary force, tasked with the dfense of the Federation but it is by it's very definition no military. This is stated several times on-screen and behind-the-scenes, for example SF is always under civilian control. It is more a police-force rather than a standing army.
I absolutely agree with you.
Starfleet always was a "peacekeeping" institutuion, dedicated to science and exploration.

I think militarsim becomes "cool" when people get fearful.
(what those people would never admit of course )

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The uniform design btw. always paid a tribute to this, the Wrath of Khan movie uniform spawned a rough debate behind the scenes to a point where even actors were offended by the military looks of it.
Wow, i didn't know that.
But i don't think that this "Generations" uniform looks anywhere as militaristic as the WOK or Cryptics uniforms (especially the jupiter ones).

On the other hand i never liked those pyjama like uniforms they wore in Voy or DS9. I think they looked a bit too much like leisure suits and people didn't look antything like an authority when wearing them.
The generations uniform is the perfect mix between those extremeties IMO.

Live long and prosper.

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