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09-21-2012, 08:13 AM
I, for one, would love for there to be some sort of aggro-generating skill in space that my Engineer in his Regent would have access to.

He's a purpose-built tank, but even with maxed TC, Mk12 weapons, over 100 power + FAW/Overlord + EPTW, there are times I cannot pull a target onto me when I want to.

2 ideas for this.

1: Make it kinda like Jam Sensors, but force the target to fire on you instead of whatever it's target was, giving people a Force Taunt in this game.

2: Make it a Reactive Threat skill. The more the enemy is shooting you, the more aggro you generate against them. So, you Force Taunt them on you and let them pound on you, and they'll basically be stuck.

C'mon Cryptic, how about some true tanking?