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09-21-2012, 08:42 AM
I've ran the Karp with all 3 classes, It works great for all of them. It's my favorite ship in the game. (Although I'm really loving my Fleet Scourge)
A fleet Karp is the only ship i would consider getting for all 4 of my Klingon Mains. Any other Fleet ship I would only buy for maybe 1 toon.
A 4th tac console & Cmdr Tac would make it perfect.
& FYI, I run the Purple Frigates, & wouldn't even consider running anything else. (unless I was running a drain/shield strip Karp.) The Aceton beam alone makes this pet awesome. Have you ever had a Defiant plinking away at you with 4 Acetons stacked on it? I have. It's pretty funny to watch. The Tric Mines are total gravy.
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